Measure performance in real time



We emerged from a Ph.D. research, where surfing was investigated in a controlled environment. Laboratory tests were carried out, both with general performance analysis of physical activity and with surf movement’s simulation, as well as in swimming pools equipped with the best tools that exist in the context of biomechanical analyses.

The first scientific investigations in the world of the surf were faced with a classic difficulty of the world of science, which is to measure without interfering. The maritime environment is extremely hostile to electronic components, which are currently our largest source of quantitative information.



The real challenge and opportunity came when there was a chance to get out of the controlled environment, to be present in the real surfing environment, the sea. We were able to put together a set of measurement sensors in a single device, the "All in One Surf", our System of Acquisition Data for Nautical Activities. This achievement allowed for the first time to quantify information that until now was subjective. We started well, evaluating the big rider surfer in the world, Sebastian Steudtner (Champion Billabong XXL awards 2015), surfing in extreme conditions, in the giant waves of Nazaré - Portugal, with registered waves more than 30 meters high.

Our team continued to develop the equipment and methodologies. Now, we are ready to transmit and show this information in real time.



The mission of the mOcean sense project is to maximize the effectiveness of the measurements and to facilitate the practical application of the best existing evidence, always seeking the improvement of the sports performance, either through the improvement of training, construction of materials, equipment and everything that is involved with water sliding sports activities.



To optimize the real-time analysis of the performance of nautical sliding sports, always considering accuracy and effectiveness. To combine all aspects and specificities of each activity, to be able to deliver special packages of big data analysis for every modality. As a consequence, to enhancing sports performance through the improvement of training, materials, and equipment. This is not all, we also consider nautical navigation, mapping of maritime currents, and all areas of fluid dynamics categorization.



There are practically non-existent tools to aid in performance analysis during a surfing or training session, and analytical information to assist in this context is unknown. Another very important point is related to contests, nowadays all judgments and scores are based on visual feedback and practical experience - empiricism. This type of uncertainty to the scores results in many errors and misunderstandings. The quantitative information about surf performance an offshore surf session, or precise wave’s measurements, currently does not exist.

mOcean sense wants to bring to market a new product and service for surf quantitative analysis in real-time. We combine all available technologies for motion track associated with our innovative fluid flow sensor, which allows relativizing ground referenced measurements with the water media. The technological resources and methodology here used have been tested and proven in laboratory condition and in a conceptual way – pilot test.

In other words, we have developed a system capable of acquiring 3D navigation data with scientific quality and precision. More than this, now it is possible to analyze in detail with statistics support, what really happens during the key moments of the sport. From now on, the surf community will be able to watch a surf session from a broadcast and interact trough performance analyses, statistics comparison, and share.

The Team

marcio borgonovo dos santos profile

Márcio Borgonovo-Santos

Founder & CEO

Daniela Lopes


Damian Perez



Vitor Verdelho

President of European Algae Biomass Association- Porto, Portugal

João Paulo Vilas-Boas

Professor Dr. João Paulo Vilas-Boas

Director of LABIOMEP - Faculty of Sports, Porto, Portugal

Dr. Jess Ponting

Center for Surf Research – San Diego, CA ,US