Who we are

We emerged from a Ph.D. research, where surfing was investigated in a controlled environment.

Laboratory tests were carried out, both with general performance analysis of physical activity and with surf movement’s simulation, as well as in swimming pools equipped with the best tools that exist in the context of biomechanical analyses.

The Technology

Our system is capable of acquiring 3D navigational data with scientific quality and precision, making it possible to analyze in statistical detail what really happens moment-to-moment within athlete performance and equipment optimization.

With our technology, the nautical sports community will be able to watch live broadcast and interact in real-time with performance analytics while sharing statistical comparisons.


The combination of the aforementioned systems and sensors allows an innovation in the context of relativized measurements for water navigation.

Geo-referencing System

Acquire, store, retrieve, transform and emit spatial information. This geographic data describes surf sessions in terms of global positioning, as well as providing measurements derived from time-based positioning calculations.

Attitude and Heading Reference System

This technology comes from the navigation control of unmanned vehicles (DRONES and UAVs). This system allows to obtain kinematic information about the movement of the surfboard or any sliding surface above the water.

Three-dimensional Water Flow Sensor

This sensor allows direct measurements of the amount of liquid flow passing through a surface. This transducer allows to identify the direction and intensity of the water flow that passes under the surfboard.

What We Measure



Full Trajectory

Water Flow

2D/3D Direction



Get real-time statistics and metrics for Broadcasting
Improve Sliding Sports Training
Suppliers for Laboratory


The pilot test was realized in reason of an invitation of ZDF – Germany Television for a documentary video for the program Terra X. In that time they would like to show with analytical information the principal characteristics and parameters that make a surfer like Sebastian Steudtner (Champion of Big Wave Challenge of Billabong 2015) be capable to surf the giant waves.

Meet the Team

marcio borgonovo dos santos profile

Márcio Borgonovo-Santos

Founder & CEO

Daniela Lopes


Damian Perez



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